Fuck Trump

Fuck trump and the rest of the right wing monsters!
This is the party of family values?
jeff sessions, john kelly, corey lewandowski, mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, susana martinez and the rest of trumps supporters can go back where they came from –Hell!

The McConnell Rule

Everything that the GOP is letting the donald get away with the Democrats will also be able to get away with and the Greedy Old Party won't be able to say a goddamned thing. This is called "The McConnell Rule." Now the Dems can lie to congress like Wilbur Ross, the donald, Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner and the rest. The Dems can delay any hearings for SCOTUS and just not follow the constitution and the Greedy Old Party will not be able say a goddamned thing.

Now if the Dems win an election with the help of Iran or Cuba then the right will just have to suck it up. Putin admitted at Helsinki that he helped the donald win and directed his people to manipulate the American elections. Look at the transcripts for yourself (but not the transcripts the Whitehouse changed).